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Artwork resulting from hours and hours of contemplation, detailed work, and refinement should have the opportunity to be best appreciated through appropriate lighting. Elements within lighting play important parts in how artwork is featured and conveyed. In general, there are four aspects to consider when lighting art. Be sure to keep them in mind for the best results when lighting artwork.

Art track lighting

Four aspects of lighting art

Obviously, lighting art in a quality manner can be a difficult process. There are four things that you should consider when lighting art to ensure optimal results:

Ambient lighting: There is no question that ambient illumination is essential when it comes to achieving high-quality lighting for artwork. When you pick the light to accent your artwork, the general rule of thumb is to pick a light that is 3 times as bright or intense as your ambient lighting. Ambient lighting is the room's general lighting. This ratio makes it so that the artwork appears just right - not too dull and not too bright. A good way to go about it is to first pick a light that best illuminates your art and then proceed to choose your ambient lighting. For information on how to light for ambiance, figure out how to calculate lighting for a room.

Color temperatures: Some pieces of art are sensitive to heat, infrared radiation (IR), and ultra violet (UV). That is why one should take great care in choosing the right light to cast over these works of art as well as keep them out of direct sunlight. In this case, choose lighting that have special UV and IR ray blocking lens, keep the lighting an appropriate distance from the piece, while considering which light color is best for your art work (something cooler or warmer). Individuals should carefully evaluate the piece under consideration before deciding to buy lighting for artwork, as it can be negatively impacted by poor lighting choices.

Color rendering index: Color Rendering index (CRI) is a measurement of a light source's ability to stay true to color ranging from 1 to 100 where 100 is most true. In lighting art, the higher the CRI the more desirable it is.

Light positioning: How a light is positioned affects how artwork is highlighted. A light directed at a lower angle better features texture within the art whereas higher angles is better for encompassing larger works. In general, reduce glare by positioning your light at a 30 degree angle from the piece of art.

Halogen Track Lighting: A popular choice for lighting art

Halogen lighting is a popular and affordable choice when lighting artwork, due to its high CRI. Typically, this helps in allowing artwork to be displayed at its more true state and color. In addition to its less harmful rays, halogen lighting is a better option than incandescent and fluorescent lighting when it comes to lighting art. Track lighting is popular for lighting art because of its ability to achieve task and accent lighting with the option of offering energy efficiency through its low voltage variant. It can be used to achieve quality results when lighting art in a number of locations. Therefore, the combination halogen track lighting makes it a good choice for artwork lighting. Go here for more information on what track rail lighting is.

LED Track Lighting: A step up in artwork lighting

An even better option for lighting artwork than halogen track lighting is LED lighting often used in high end restaurants and art galleries. Utilizing LED lighting technology, a durable and energy efficient light source packaged in a track lighting form yields a stylish and earth-friendly lighting which works great on lighting artwork.

House of Troy, a leader in picture lights, also offers some great lighting choices using halogen and LED light sources. They offer many different styles, shapes, and colors to choose from. In addition, the low House of Troy lighting for artwork sale prices means that they can be purchased by all individuals, regardless of budget. For the best results when choosing lighting for artwork, owners should keep all of the suggestions listed previously in mind. By following appropriate guidelines, owners can ensure that the process of lighting artwork is being done in an affordable and responsible manner.

picture lights

House of Troy, a leader in picture lights, also offers some great lighting choices using halogen and LED light sources. They offer many different styles, shapes, and colors to choose from

Content Courtesy of David Miller

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