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LED Bulbs

LED Light Bulbs and Affordable Light Bulbs

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LED light bulbs are the future of in-home lighting, as they offer a variety of advancements over the traditional incandescent light bulbs. Here at Affordable Lamps, we love LED bulbs for their energy efficient performance, and we carry a great selection from the top light bulb brands to suit just about any of our light fixtures.

Benefits of LED Light Bulbs

LED light bulbs are much more energy efficient than incandescent or CFL light bulb alternatives. This is because LED bulbs convert a much larger percentage of energy used into light, while older types of light bulbs waste some of that energy by converting it into heat. This is great for both your energy bill and the environment; switching to LED light bulbs uses much more energy in your home over time, so your bills will be much lower. It also reduces the demand from power plants, which cuts down on harmful greenhouse gas emissions. An added convenience: LED light bulbs last for much longer than traditional bulbs, so they'll need replaced much less frequently.

Top Quality LED Light Bulbs at Affordable Lamps

Whatever type of light fixture you have in your home, there's likely an LED bulb that is compatible. Here at Affordable Lamps, we carry top brands like Cyber Tech and Elco Lighting, which offer a very extensive selection of affordable LED bulbs for many uses. Classic replacement bulbs for basic desk lamps or floor lamps are affordable and easy to replace, but we also carry linear LED bulbs, halogen LED bulbs, vintage-inspired LED bulbs and many other unique shapes to fit any of our high-style light fixtures. You'll even find recessed LED bulbs to easily integrate ceiling lighting into your home, as these are able to tuck up inside a ceiling to hide the fixture away from view.

Whether you're shopping for indoor or outdoor light fixtures, our selection of LED light bulbs includes cost efficient, energy saving options that are better for both your home and for the environment.

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