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With the enormous collection of lighting at Affordable Lamps, the choices can be overwhelming. We've organized our premium light fixtures into the various lighting styles, to help you create exciting, harmonious décor for a new home or a redecorating project. The light styles include modern, craftsman, mission, nautical, rustic, Tiffany, traditional, transitional, vintage and many more. What follows is a brief description of each.

Traditional lighting is heavily influenced by European and early American styles from the 17th through 19th centuries. This style is ornate and luxurious, often with intricate detail work, curved designs and materials such as iron, brass and bronze. Traditional fixtures are decorative and lavish. Contemporary lighting has clean lines and is designed for practicality rather than opulence. You'll see geometric shapes and a sleek, streamlined sensibility. There may be bold colors and industrial elements. Transitional lighting combines elements of both, bridging the divide between overly embellished and excessively sterile. Transitional fixtures can be used in both older and newer homes.

Craftsman or mission style lighting has a clean, uncluttered look, borrowing from Asian architectural design, with warm, glowing light that creates a homey appearance. Crystal light fixtures are elegant and dazzling, most often seen in lavish chandeliers, though this style can be found in all types of lighting. Nautical lamps are influenced by the seas and old ship lighting styles, while rustic lighting has the charm and ambience of a country home. Tiffany lamps are inspired by the cut art glass and copper foil designs of Louis Comfort Tiffany in the late 19th century, and are part of the Art Nouveau movement. Vintage or retro lighting has the charm of bygone days (though not as old as antiques). Wrought iron fixtures are incredibly durable and strong, made to last a lifetime.

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