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The field of designer lighting is a veritable cornucopia of structures, purposes, forms, design, and technology. More than mere functional furnishings, home lighting fixtures can represent your identity, your hobbies, your sense of fashion, and they are lovely symbols times gone by. Every choice in our catalog has a history and plays a role in your home or office decor, brightening up your memories for many years to come.

There are numerous kinds of affordable and beautiful home light fixtures to meet your illumination needs. Ceiling and pendant lights make up the largest category, encompassing all kinds of luminescent technology. Wall sconces comprise a smaller subset of lighting fixtures. These quality pieces are excellent sources of ambient illumination and are wonderful for darker hallways or for placement on either side of the bed for late night reading. Chandeliers are marvelous for brightening up a large area or as decoration in a living or dining room. Recessed lights are a growing trend in the architectural lighting world, and cable and track fixtures make for stunning sources of illumination in offices, galleries, and restaurants. And lastly, Bathroom fixtures make up the smallest category of these kinds of furnishings, but they are used for the very specific task of brightening up your most intimate spaces. All these varieties of lighting have their own character and functions, but they are available in a myriad of designs and brands and all at discount prices on AffordableLamps.com.

Virtually any room in your home could use a little excitement from the right light fixture, and you will definitely know when you've found the perfect one. Consider installing discount options such as a swing arm wall sconce next to your bed and above your nightstand. (So you can stay up late and finish that last crossword puzzle or final chapter of your novel before drifting off to dream land...) Perhaps you'd be more interested in kitchen island lighting, adding a chic pendant over your dining room table or kitchen island for added brightness when preparing and enjoying meals. Track illumination options are obvious advantages in an office space where overhead ceiling lights can be drab and boring. With track light accessories, you can introduce varied light beam directions and create an energetic vibe of productivity. Hallways can always use a little dressing up with the right residential lighting, especially to avoid bumps and bruises when walking through these areas late at night, so look into adding wall illumination here or there to give the space warmth. Installing a foyer pendant in your living or greeting areas, perhaps over a couch or end table, will really create an intimate feel in an area where family and friends gather and enjoy entertainment.

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Home light fixtures come in an impressively wide range of styles, from tropical and wrought iron options to traditional and contemporary possibilities. You'll save money on each of these when you order from Affordable Lamps. If your home decor features muted colors and modern, geometric shapes, consider purchasing contemporary fixtures to mesh well with your avant-garde style. But if your home's design is highlighted by more elaborate, baroque, and detailed works of Old World charisma, then you should probably consider decorating with more traditional designer choices, which will brighten up your rooms with more lavish shades and shapes. For those with an eye for color, looking into purchasing elegant Tiffany lighting to show off your infatuation with varying colors and hues is a good idea. Tiffany design has a universal and enduring quality about it that never seems to go out of style. No matter what, the illumination option of your dreams is out there, just waiting for you to find and add it to your home lighting scheme. And best of all, you'll pay cheap prices for options that are certainly not cheap in terms of their quality.

Our gorgeous discount fixtures come from an assortment of impressive and highly regarded designers and manufacturers of residential lighting. All of the companies represented in our catalog are known for their quality and creativity, as well as affordable pricing. Some of the best modern fixtures available in today's industry are made by Kichler Lighting, Quoizel, Maxim Lighting, Meyda Tiffany, and other well-known brands. Each of these companies has its own grandeur and unique vision that is seen in each of their light fixtures. Consider perusing each brand and discover designer options that speak to your personal fashion. Order online from us and you'll save time and money.

Like technology, light fixtures have also evolved with the times. For those looking to brighten up their homes with environmentally friendly, sustainable appliances, there are many options to choose from when you shop home lighting fixtures as well. Energy efficient lights are becoming a top priority among designers and interior decorators, and there are certainly plenty of modern options that satisfy the goal of energy conservation. Consider doing some research and purchasing an energy-saving home lighting option that uses fluorescent, halogen, or super-efficient LED lighting technologies. You'll brighten up your house from every possible angle, save some money on your electric bill, and show some respect to Mother Nature while you're at it. Our lighting inventory offers every kind of opportunity for expressing style and design imaginable--you just have to look around and find the discount light fixtures that fit with your décor style. Buy today and they'll be delivered fast to your front door.