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Tech Cable Lighting Systems

Low Voltage Cable Lighting, Cable Fixtures, and Cable Lighting Hardware from Tech Lighting

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Create exciting, artistically creative lighting with the Tech cable lighting systems. This innovative system uses 2 cables suspended from the ceiling with adjustable points. They can actually be hung from any hard surface or from lattice work. In addition to hanging pendants and other lighting fixtures, you can use this cable system for other types of decorative objects.

In addition to a colorful assortment of high-quality Tech cable lighting pendants and cable lighting heads, you'll also find hardware such as transformers, cables, power feeds and power jumpers that will make the installation of Tech cable lighting systems straightforward and easy.

Cable light pendants are available in many different ultra-modern styles, from colorful low voltage halogen art glass to energy efficient LEDs that will save you money on electricity and replacement costs. The art glass models in particular will make drab room décor come alive with vibrant cubes, tear drops, cones, hanging woks, meteors, river rocks, cylinders, nests, raindrops, pinnacles and pyramids. Indulge your artistic vision without breaking the bank with these inexpensive Tech cable lighting.

Browse application shots of Tech Cable Lighting Systems below for inspiration: