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Cable Lighting System

Cable Lighting and Cable Track Lighting

Low voltage cable lighting systems are the new trend in both commercial and home decorating. We have a large selection of cable fixtures and systems in our designer lighting store. Bruck and Tech Lighting offer these wire track and cable lighting systems. It is important for the home builder to follow these basic steps when creating this type of light set up.

1) Decide what you wish to light, what elements you want, and what type of fixtures you want hanging from the cable light system. Determine the separation; for 8 foot ceilings, separation is 3.5" for 9 feet, 5.5" and for 10 feet, 8.5". Determine if you are going for straight lines or simple turns with your affordable wire track lighting.

2) Add the needed power. Use a remote transformer with a power feed canopy, or a surface mount transformer mounted to a junction box to power your cable lights.

3) Choose your cable; bare, insulated, single or double track.

4) Choose your turnbuckles. These tighten, secure your cables and add the needed tension to make them hang cleanly, for long runs over 20 ft.

5) Choose ceiling supports for 20 foot + runs, plus for cable drops for your cable light system.

6) Choose wall supports for horizontal or vertical turns from the walls to support the fixtures.

7) Choose your connectors: end to end or isolated.

8) Special installation needs; for cement, brick, or plaster. Insulating tubing, crisscrossing cable runs, or longer drops.

Talk to a designer, architect, or Tech or Bruck specialist regarding your needs. Or call our sales team at 1-800-MY Lamps (800-695-2677) for help and specifications.

Cable lighting is an excellent way to fill your home with glamorous illumination in a uniquely architectural way. These fixtures are suspended from low voltage cables, creating an industrial, open air feel that meshes well with most contemporary decor motifs. Cable light system fixtures can be very simple, such as a halogen bulb hung from two hinged rods, or very elaborate and artful with a variety of art glass pendants shielding the low voltage bulbs on the wire track lighting.

This kind of cable fixture is very flexible, because you can incorporate two sets of cables into the hardware and connect them at different points with short wires and clips—usually alligator clips or screw clamps—at either end of the cable light. In this way you can create versatile structures and evenly light the entire room or simply focus all the beams of cable light on one area. Creating a rough sketch of your living space and noting where you want or need more light is a great way to plan out ahead of time how your cable lighting system will flow. Use a sheet of grid paper to see how geometric your layout will be.

Cable Lighting

Most interior decorators choose this type of light in home decor situations where the space poses a challenge. Rooms with very high ceilings and constructed with bare beams or exposed duct work can make lighting difficult as it is often tricky to mount fixtures to those surfaces. If you plan on installing discount cable lights in a large room, say, with cable that is longer than 20 feet, it is recommended that you incorporate additional vertical support into the cable hardware to avoid too much sag and tension from gravity on the cable. This can pose a problem at first, but if you think outside the box it can also open up the possibility for creative directional lines and surprising angles in your cable light fixtures. However, cable fixtures look just as refined and modern in rooms with standard, flat ceilings as well, and is slightly more minimalist than monorail lighting or traditional track lighting.

This type of fixture is also a great way to set up an adjustable lighting situation, so you can often change the highlighted focal points in your home without too much trouble. This is also the reason art galleries that change shows often use cable lights for its versatility in showcasing the artworks, as well as illuminating an entire space for such a gathering. Fine dining restaurants also often employ cable light systems, so that they can easily create mood lighting in varying environments.

Buy cable fixtures for almost any contemporary lighting decor and create a statement about your commitment to negative space in design. Cable light fixtures are usually used to light up an entire space fluidly and are often employed for bright, but general, illumination. Creating patterns of repetition in light will give your home a rhythmic ambiance, but keep all corners of your living space filled with a lively glow. As an added bonus, because cable lights are also low voltage light fixtures, you can feel comfortable spreading these systems throughout your home or office, knowing that you are saving electricity, money, and the environment all with chic, energy efficient cable lighting systems.

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