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Monorail Lighting Kits

Discount Monorail Track Lighting and Monrail Lighting Fixtures

Monorail lighting kits are the tech-savvy answer to more traditional ceiling lighting. Featuring a practically endless variety of pendant heads and spot lights, monorail lighting can run the gamut of styles, shapes, and sizes. Easy to assemble and fun to construct, your discount monorail kit will bring a kind of contemporary flair to your home or office.

Perfect in both commercial and residential environments, monorail lighting fixtures are flexible and functional and often showcase sustainable lighting technology such as LED lights or fluorescent lighting. For more information about the range of styles and types of monorail lighting systems, peruse our kits from such prestigious manufacturers as Tech Lighting, Artcraft, LBL Lighting, Lite Source, and Bruck Lighting.

Monorail lighting kits are the natural and chic evolution of the tradition ceiling light. Flexible, creative, versatile, and technological, our discount monorail track lighting systems will delight interior designers and Do-It-Yourselfers alike.

Traditional lighting can be a yawn compared to all the possibilities that monorail lighting fixtures offer. While there are certainly home lighting layouts that call for accent lighting like table lamps and wall sconces the control offered by a monorail lighting kit far exceeds that of your average Tiffany lamp or even bedside lighting.

Monorail light kits allow you to direct and focus illumination so you can highlight just one space in your home or spread the luminescence out over an entire room. A favorite with restaurants and art galleries, these monorail kits are an excellent choice for home decor both because of their obvious functionality but also because, as contemporary lighting evolves, so do the creative designs of monorail lighting pendants and spots. Art glass, bright colors, and futuristic shapes all add character to your monorail lighting system.

Monorail Lighting Fixtures Monorail Kits Monorail Lighting Kit

There are so many interesting additional options to contemplate when choosing from our versatile monorail lighting kits; consider adding a dimmer option to create a mood, or a remote to make changing the intensity of the light more convenient. Affordable Lamps carries many designer discount monorail lighting manufacturers, like the reputable track lighting masters Artcraft, Tech Lighting, LBL Lighting, Lite Source, and Bruck Lighting. For ideas on how to set up and plan your monorail lighting kit, check out any of these company’s sections—they are all leaders in the monorail track lighting field.

Lastly, one of the greatest benefits of monorail lighting kits is that, as a kind of architectural lighting, they often come with energy efficient light sources like LED lighting or halogen or fluorescent bulbs so you can brighten up your living room, office, hotel, or retail space in style and still save energy while helping the environment. LED lights last up to ten or fifteen times longer than traditional incandescent fixtures and are approximately 70% more efficient than other types of lighting too. Consider purchasing an LED, electricity saving monorail lighting kit today—you’ll be surprised how easy it is to install a brand new green fixture in your home.

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