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Artcraft Lighting

Artcraft Light Fixtures from Artcraft Lighting Company

Since 1955, Artcraft has been producing European inspired chandeliers as well as a complete line of transitional-style lighting - a blend of contemporary lighting and traditional lighting. Artcraft is a Canadian company that has expanded its warehouses into the USA without forgetting its roots. With traditional, Mediterranean and contemporary designs, Artcraft’s chandeliers exemplify cutting edge design along with up to twenty four different finish options. In their outdoor category, Tudor, Nautical and French provincial designs are displayed. Not to be left out of the modern age, Artcraft's use of crystals, pearls and mirrors defies description, and brings the shock of the new into the 21st century. Inspired by dreams and tales from yesteryear and made with today’s finest materials, Artcraft life up to its name and heritage.

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