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Elco Lighting Fixtures in Various Styles

Elco Light Fixtures for Commercial and Residential Use

Elco 3" Halogen Line Voltage Housings & TrimsView All

For more than 25 years Elco Lighting has been providing high-quality lighting fixtures that homeowners, architects and contractors love. Elco Light fixtures are easy to install and designed to last. From recessed lighting to floodlights to undercabinet lighting, Elco has it all. If you're wondering where to buy Elco Lighting products, look no further than Affordable Lamps. We carry a wide selection of lighting fixtures, systems and accessories from Elco Lighting, all with guaranteed low prices.

Recessed Lighting from Elco

Elco LED recessed lighting is perfect for any area where you want downcast lighting. These lights are installed directly into ceilings and are made up of three parts: the housing, bulb and trim. These lights tend to be a more subtle design choice because they blend in with the surfaces they are set in, but that doesn't mean they have to be boring. Elco recessed lighting housing and trims come in a variety of styles and colors. The trim is the decorative and visible component, so you want to be sure to pick one that matches your décor. Elco can lights are a popular choice for living rooms, kitchens and closets. In commercial spaces, recessed lights from Elco Lighting can be used to illuminate hallways or highlight interesting features like artwork or a shelf of company memorabilia.

Flush Mounts, Track Lights and More

While Elco Lighting is well known for their quality and energy-efficient recessed lights, they offer other lighting fixtures for your home or commercial space. We carry Elco flush mount ceiling lights designed to work with Elco recessed housing and even have wet rated options perfect for outdoor use. Elco Lighting flood lights are another great choice for outdoor spaces. These lights come in options that can be placed in the ground or attached to walls so you can increase the lighting and safety of your home or business.

Track lighting from Elco Lighting is great for illuminating statement pieces in your home or for placing above tables and counters. These lights feature heads that can be adjusted for different angles and sometimes even moved up and down the track.

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