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Elco Cedar System Installation Accessories

Safety Accessories for Your Elco Cedar System Lighting

Whether you already have an Elco Cedar System installed in your home or business and are looking to upgrade it or want to be thorough with your new set up, Affordable Lamps has all the accessories you need at guaranteed low prices.

If you have Elco Cedar System housings that aren't fire rated, then you might want to consider adding a fire enclosure or cover to your recessed lighting. Elco Lighting offers a recessed fire cover that is UL rated and can help stop the spread of flames and heat transmission for up to two hours. Elco's fire enclosures are easy to install and are industry approved for one hour of fire resistance. If you plan on adding a recessed lighting fire enclosure to your Elco Cedar System, then you will also need to pick up some fire tape to help seal the power feeding point. In case of power outages, it's a good idea to keep an Elco Cedar System backup battery on hand for up to 90 minutes of emergency lighting.

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