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Ceiling Medallions

Chandelier Medallions and Light Fixture Medallions

Showing 1-60 of 84 items
Showing 1-60 of 84 items

After you've selected the perfect chandelier or ceiling light for your redecorating project, add one of these ceiling light medallions to complete the look for a handsome presentation. As a decorative piece, it adds architectural interest, simply and affordably. However, these chandelier ceiling medallions help complete the look of a light installation. They can also be caulked, carved, or spackled to help hide any imperfections in a lighting fixture retrofit.

These durable and lightweight chandelier medallions are available in an antique bronze finish to match the finish of your fixture or in white to blend more seamlessly with the ceiling. A white medallion can also be painted to match another ceiling color. You'll find that ceiling medallions are easy to install and they go a long way to giving a new light fixture a finished, professional look. They can be used with ceiling lights, ceiling fans, or chandeliers.

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