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Lighting Accessories for Elco Laurel Systems

Commercial LED Lighting Accessories

If you've recently installed an Elco Laurel System at your business or are thinking of installing one, Affordable Lamps has the accessories you need to make the most out of your commercial grade LED recessed lighting at unbeatable prices.

One of the most important accessories you can get for your Elco Lighting Laurel System is a battery backup. When you're in a commercial setting, you never know when you might experience a power outage, and you'll need lights to help guide you and your employees safely out of the building. With an Elco battery backup, you will get 90 minutes of emergency lighting.

Other accessories for your Elco Laurel System include hanger bars and daylighting control sensors. We carry hanger bars for wood construction and T-Bar ceilings. A daylight control from Elco will help you reduce electric lighting energy. This sensor reduces electric lighting power based on available daylight. It will determine how much artificial light is needed and adjust its brightness accordingly, which can help save money.

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