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Elco Laurel System Lighting Products

High-Quality Commercial Grade LED Lighting Fixtures

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For quality commercial grade LED recessed lighting at guaranteed low prices, shop Affordable Lamps' selection of Elco Laurel System products. Apertures for Laurel System lights come in four-, six-, eight- and nine-inch options, so you can find the perfect size for your needs. Made with quality in mind and featuring premium grade optics, these recessed lights are ideal for retail, hospitality, medical and industrial environments.

Elco Laurel System recessed light engines come in a variety of finishes and styles. With haze, white, chrome and black finishes, you'll be able to match these lights to any décor in your commercial space. Styles for Elco Laurel System light engines include reflector, wall wash, drop glass and adjustable styles. Reflector engines maximize beam spread and are great for general lighting purposes while wall wash lights angle the beam toward walls and other structures. This type of light engine would be the perfect choice for a hotel that wants to highlight art on the wall or a medical office that wants to spotlight degrees and certifications. Whether you want to provide lighting in a hallway or task lighting in a work area, you'll be able to create the perfect recessed lighting with Elco Laurel System products.

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