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Elco Single Circuit Track and Accessories

Build the Perfect Track Lighting Setup

Elco EPXXXB Black Single Circuit Track
Elco EPXXXBZ Bronze Single Circuit Track
Elco EPXXXN Nickel Single Circuit Track
Elco EPXXXW White Single Circuit Track
Elco EP804 L Connector Track Accessory
Elco EP805 T Connector Track Accessory
Elco EP806 X Connector Track Accessory
Elco EP840 Current Limiter Track Accessory
Elco EP812 Dead End Track Accessory
Elco EP810 End Feed Kit Track Accessory
Elco EP808 Mini Connector Track Accessory
Elco EP814 Outlet Adapter Track Accessory
Elco EP815 Pendant Adapter Track Accessory
Elco EP807 Wire Cover Track Accessory

Track lights are a versatile lighting solution that you can easily customize to meet your needs. Whether you want to create general lighting in a commercial space or provide direct lighting to surfaces in your home like kitchen counters, you'll be able to design the perfect setup with Affordable Lamps' selection of Elco track lighting parts These accessories can be used to add on to an existing system or build a new one.

We carry single circuit tracks in a variety of finishes and lengths so you can find the right track to suit your design and lighting needs. These tracks will hold your Elco track lighting heads. Track connectors are used to join together multiple tracks. We have connectors that can join two, three or four tracks and even have angled and flexible connectors for complete customization. For supplying power to your track, we carry floating canopies, ceiling feeds, current limiters and conduit connectors. Dead end Elco track lighting parts are used to cap off the ends of your track. We even carry Elco track lighting pendant adapters, which can be used to add pendants and other hanging lights to the track for more decorative designs.

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