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Bruck V/A Monorail Lighting System and Kits

Customizable V/A Monorail Lighting systems and Hardware from Bruck Lighting

Design Your V/A Track Setup In Four Easy Steps

At any point during your planning process, please feel free to call 1-800-MY-LAMPS during regular business hours to consult with a lighting expert.

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Step 1: Plan Your Layout
Begin by sketching your basic floorplan on a sheet of graphing paper. Draw circles where you want to place light fixtures and connect them all with a contiguous line, representing the Bruck V/A Track, itself. You will need to determine the monorail's orientation in relation to to the ceiling, either horizontal (parallel to the ceiling) or vertical (perpendicular to the ceiling). Straight monorail is sold in three lengths: 39 inches, 78 inches, and 102 inches. Custom curved monorail (horizontal or vertical) is also available, and a radius between 2.5 and 100 feet must be specified in the checkout process. Segments of V/A monorail can be joined together by a standard connector, flexible connector, or isolating connector. A variety of three- and four-way connectors (horizontal or vertical) are also available for more complex setups. Lastly, all open ends must be closed with end caps or plug-in power feeds.

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Step 2: Choose Mounting Elements
Next you will need to determine the V/A monorail's distance from the ceiling. Cord suspension allows the track to hang up to 78 inches from the ceiling while a flush wall and ceiling mount will place the monorail between less than one inch to just under half a foot from the wall or ceiling. As a rule, the the track should be supported every three feet. In order to determine how many supports you will need, take the total length of the run, divide by three, and add one extra support element. (E.g., a run composed of six track segments totals 39' and will therefore require 13 + 1 supports.)

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Step 3: Choose Fixtures
In addition to a variety of fixtures designed specifically for the V/A Track system, Bruck offers an impressive catalog of Uni-Plug fixtures (pendants, spot-lights, etc.) that can be used on V/A Track with an additional adaptor.

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Step 4: Power the Circuits
The final step in designing your setup is dividing the system into powered circuits. Bruck V/A Track is a 300W single circuit system, meaning that each segment of your run can handle a maximum of 300 watts (e.g., six 50W fixtures.) Isolating connectors can be used to divide a run into as many separate circuits as you need. Each and every isolated 300W circuit requires its own power feed, power supply cable, and transformer.

To find out how many isolating sets you need, take the total sum wattage of your fixtures and divide by 300. Round up to the nearest whole number and subtract one. (E.g., if you have eight 50W fixtures and four 35W fixtures, they will consume a total of 940W. Divided by 300 and rounded up, this means that you will need four circuits. Thus three sets of isolation elements will do the job.)

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