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Bruck VIA Monorail Lighting Hardware

Tracks, Suspension, Power Feeds, Connectors and More

Bruck 16003 VIA Modern Straight Track
Bruck 160019 VIA Contemporary Curved Track
Bruck 160020 VIA Contemporary End Cap
Bruck 160050 VIA Contemporary Adapter
Bruck 160051 VIA Modern 45 Adapter
Bruck 160051 VIA Modern 45 Adapter+ More Finishes/Options
Bruck 160231 VIA Modern Kroko Spot
Bruck 160231 VIA Modern Kroko Spot+ More Finishes/Options
Bruck 160430 VIA Contemporary Spacer
Bruck 160518 VIA Modern Attachment Clip
Bruck 160528 VIA Modern Mid-Span Power Feed
Bruck 160530 VIA Modern Spacer
Bruck 160530 VIA Modern Spacer+ More Finishes/Options
Bruck 160531 VIA Modern Spacer
Bruck 160531 VIA Modern Spacer+ More Finishes/Options
Bruck 160532 VIA Contemporary Spacer
Bruck 160533 VIA Modern Plate Disc
Bruck 160533 VIA Modern Plate Disc+ More Finishes/Options
Bruck 160566 VIA Modern Wall Suspension
Bruck 160600 VIA Modern Cord Suspension
Bruck VIA Contemporary Plug-In Power Feed
Bruck 160020 VIA Contemporary End Cap
Bruck TXX120V Modern T Remote Transformer
Bruck's VIA Monorail, single circuit, low voltage bendable track lighting provides the means for creating a breathtaking contemporary lighting solution for a large space. Not only does it provide exceptional ambient light. It is also highly flexible, since the tracks can be used with many kinds of connectors and bent to form turns at any angle. This is a merging of ordinary track lighting and monorail systems, with distinctive tracks made from dual galvanized copper tubes, available in chrome, matte chrome or bronze finish. With this high-quality Bruck VIA monorail lighting hardware, you can bring to life your most imaginative lighting design.

In our collection of Bruck monorail hardware, we offer various kinds of track connectors, tracks, track spacers, mounting clips, wall suspension and the VIA track plug-in power feed.

At Affordable Lamps, we have Bruck light hardware at competitive low prices, so you can easily and inexpensively bring to life contemporary illumination masterpieces in the most challenging public space, commercial establishment or private estate. Bruck VIA monorail lighting is at once an effective ambient light source and a presentation of fine modern art.

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