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Have you ever wondered why a variety of light bulbs exist and what the differences are? Light bulbs were created primarily to provide a source of light, however, they were all made for an intended purpose or function using different technologies. Therefore, different applications require different types of light bulbs. Best uses include interior and exterior lighting, depending on the bulb. Below is a list of different types of light bulbs with brief descriptions and practical uses. The basics of light bulbs:

Incandescent light bulbs

Incandescent lightbulb

The most common type of light bulb is the incandescent bulb. These are the light bulbs that you will see used for many household applications such as in household floor lamps and ceiling fan lighting , and they can be used with a dimmer. Generally, incandescent light bulbs last 1,000 - 2,000 hours. Incandescent light bulbs work when electricity heats up a tungsten filament within the bulb, causing it to light up. These bulbs provide a warm steady light and are inexpensive and practical, however, they produce more heat then lumen (light). But there are different light bulbs that produce more light than heat.

Halogen light bulbs

halogen light bulb

Chandelier using Halogen light bulbsHalogen light bulbs are a slightly smaller, more advanced, efficient, and expensive variations of the incandescent light bulb. Halogen light bulbs glow beautifully and therefore are used in applications such as in contemporary chandeliers.

Like the incandescent bulb, it works by transferring electricity to the tungsten filament, however, the bulb is designed in a way that allows the filament to burn more efficiently at a higher temperature. The result is that a halogen light bulb can burn brighter and lasts longer than the incandescent light bulb. This means that you cannot consider only the initial expense of different types of light bulbs. Affordable bulbs may cost more money over time if they do not last very long. Take care in not touching the halogen bulb when it is lit — not only is it very hot but surface contaminations can cause hot spots that can reduce its lifetime. As long as you take these precautions, halogen bulbs are among the most enjoyable of the different types of light bulbs.

Fluorescent light bulbs

Fluorescent lightbulb

fluorescent vanity mirror

Fluorescent light bulbs are known for their energy efficient power and an average life lasting 10,000 - 20,000 hours. They work by passing a current through argon gas and mercury in its tubes, producing ultra violet radiation, which emits light that does not render much heat in comparison to incandescent and halogen light bulbs. You can get fluorescent bulbs in our different light bulbs sale.

A common misconception about fluorescent lighting is that it emits dull and lifeless light. This belief became widespread because of the more cool color temperature fluorescent lights that were the industry standard historically. However, fluorescent lighting has come a long way, now offering a wide spectrum of color temperatures from 2700K to 5000K+. In general, lower color temperatures emit more warmth such as red and yellow tones and higher color temperatures are cooler, emitting blues and whites. Use different light bulbs of this type to achieve the intended form of lighting and lighting effect.

Compact fluorescent light bulbs

compact fluorescent light bulb

hese light bulbs are very similar to the regular fluorescent light bulbs — they are efficient and last long, just a little smaller. They make up another option when it comes to different kinds of light bulbs.

LED Lights

LED light bulb

LED lightingLED lights have been called the lighting choice of the future. They have a long life span and consume very little power compared to the incandescent light. They can be used where low lighting is preferable such as in picture lights. However, because they do not produce enough lumen or light when used singularly, they can only replace different kinds of light bulbs such as incandescent lighting for most practical applications when installed as clusters. LED lights do not have filaments, instead, they work by the movement of electrons in a semiconductor material. This makes it so that they last longer and do not get very hot. When it comes to different kids of light bulbs, quality light and cost are important concerns. LED bulbs cost less over time, and the quality of their light is improving.

Xenon / High Intensity Discharge Lights (HID)

Xenon HID light bulb

Xenon lights, a relatively newer type of lighting, are known for their brightness and longevity. They are technically named high-intensity discharge lights, however, they are more popularly called Xenon after the gas that is used to amplify light created by electricity jumping between two electrodes.

They were the talk of the town when they appeared on BMW headlights back in 1991, with tons of imitators using other forms of lights with blue tints to pass off as Xenon HID lights. Xenon lights are about 4 times brighter than halogen lights and last about 2 -3 times longer, making them a effective choice among different light bulbs.

Today xenon lights are being used in various applications such as in outdoor lighting, bathroom lighting, table lamps, to spot art work, and to light up staircases and bookcases. You can buy different kinds of light bulbs from Affordable Lamps, including all of the models mentioned above.

Content Courtesy of David Miller

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