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A contemporary, sleek, modern solution to lighting that provides flexibility, style, and utility is track rail lighting. Quality rail track lighting is a type of lighting in which several lighting fixtures are attached down a track device that contains electrical wires. The power source for affordable rail track lighting can come from the ceiling or if one does not have access to the ceiling then there is a "live feed" variation of track lighting that allows you to plug the lighting into a wall. The best rail track lighting fixtures usually have flexible necks so that one can point them in many directions and you can usually add more tracks to lengthen the piece as desired. Track lighting usually comes in one or two tracks. Track lights that have a singular track that can bends or curve is referred to as monorail lighting or rail lighting and can be very appealing to the designer on the hunt.

Track Rail Lighting Practical Uses

A common use for track rail lighting is to showcase art work. Many art galleries favor track lighting because they can easily put up a track and point each of the light fixtures in any direction that best features, not just one, but several pieces of art. And because art galleries tend to move pieces around and redesign spaces quite often, track lighting gives them the extra convenience of not having to install new lights. Compare this to a single fixture which would require tedious electrical routing for each individual light.

Kitchen track lighting is another great way to use this beloved lamp. Because of the level and detail of activity that is done in this area, such as reading recipes, cutting produce, and mingling, track lamps are an easy and versatile lighting choice in the kitchen. One can point a light from a quality rail lighting fixture towards the cutting board where a family member is chopping carrots, another at the stove where the chef is cooking, and yet another on the breakfast bar where your friends are sitting. Now how is that for flexibility?

Examples of Track Lighting
Straight Track LightingMonorail Lighting
Basic white straight track lighting Monorail lamp with smaller features
and colorful light fixtures

Track Lighting Kits

Track lighting can come in kits or individual parts. For those that would like a fast, simple ready-to-go and out-of-the-box track lighting system would do best in getting a track lighting kit. An affordable rail lighting fixture kit would come with all the necessary pieces for the track rail system and one would just have to put it up. For those that would like the flexibility of building a tracking system to his or her own desire and imagination, such as making the track lighting system large, curvy, or running in several angles, would do best in getting individual pieces for the system.

Low Voltage vs. Line Voltage Track Rail Lighting

Another neat variation within track rail lighting is the type of voltage they take: Low Voltage or Line voltage. The line voltage track lighting runs on the line voltage of the property which is usually 120 volts. The low voltage variant usually has smaller features and is best for those that would prefer using less energy with the result of having better light, longer-lasting bulb, and less heat by-product. Low voltage requires a transformer that converts the line voltage of the home from 120 volts to 12 volts. Individuals should carefully examine the voltage of their property before deciding to buy either low voltage or sale-priced line voltage track lighting fixtures. While quality line voltage track lighting fixtures may require more energy, they may also be able to provide a greater light source.

Questions to ask when considering track rail lighting

So if you're in the mood to try something cool and put in track rail lighting in your home ask yourself these questions to help you better decide what kind of system to get:

- Would you prefer lighting that is straight or curvy? If you want to get something straight then go for a straight track lighting. If you would like something curvy, look for monorail lighting or rail lighting.
- Would you prefer a fast solution or to build your own custom system? If you're looking for something quick and easy, buy a track lighting or monorail kit. Otherwise, pick our track lighting parts that can be customized and extended.
- Would you want a low voltage or line voltage system? If you are looking to get the best rail lighting system that has smaller features and something energy, use, and space efficient get a low voltage system. If those things are not an issue then a line voltage system would do. Individuals should make sure that before deciding to buy line voltage track lighting fixtures or low voltage systems, all necessary questions are answered.

Still have questions about track lighting?

Have no fear, our lighting experts are here to help you decide. Just send us an email at info@affordablelamps.com or call us at 1-800-MY-LAMPS between 8AM - 6PM PST.

Content Courtesy of David Miller

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