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David Miller

image David Miller has been writing professionally for 22 years, and we are pleased to have him as a contributing writer here at AffordableLamps.com! Davidís credentials speak for themselves, varying from successful playwright to newspaper columnist. David earned his Bachelor Degree in English from Amherst College and continued his education at the University of Pittsburgh, receiving his Masterís in writing. Following graduation, David immediately jumped head first into the professional world and began working as a writer for an established PR company in Philadelphia. His passion for writing and performance arts eventually carried him to New York City, where he spent a number of years studying the art of the theater. David has writing credits for a number of off-Broadway plays and also wrote his own play which premiered at a small theater in Philadelphia. David met his wife while attending an industry event in New York City. After marrying in a small, intimate ceremony off the coast of Hawaii, David and his new wife Alyssa decided to take some time off from work and travel the world together. They took in the history of Italy, the art of London, the countryside of Ireland, and entertainment of Spain. Six months of traveling and almost 12 countries later, David and Alyssa returned to the states to start their family. David and Alyssa are the proud parents to 13 year old Karina, and 8 year old Jack. They currently live in Tarrytown, New York. Though you may not tell from looking at him, Davidís strongest passion in life is an admiration for theme parks and thrill rides. David has been to an amazing 112 parks around the United States and will readily admit that his favorite theme park will forever be Walt Disney World in Orlando; FL. Music also plays a large part in Davidís life. His father was a famous jazz musician for a large part of the 1960s, and that talent was passed down onto David. Skillful in playing the saxophone and piano, David performs with a small group of friends every week to stay in touch with his musical roots. He and his wife travel south to visit the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival in Louisiana, which is something they look forward to every year. David will be contributing his writing expertise on a number of topics for our website but will mainly focus his efforts on energy efficient pieces. As a long-time volunteer for many environmentalist groups including Timeís UP, a NYC Environmental Organization, David and his family try their best to live a sustainable life. Having cleaned up city parks, playgrounds and local churches, David spends a great deal of his free time reading and studying up on environmental protection and provides us with a wonderful perspective on sustainable living and in addition, a great example for life. David Miller is a remarkable man whose talent and passion speak volumes. We here at Affordablelamps.com are exceptionally happy to welcome him into our writing family.

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