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Proper home outdoor lighting adds style, safety, security measure, time and energy efficiency, while avoiding light pollution such as light trespass and dark sky / black sky effect.

Outdoor home lighting for light pollution reduction, time and energy efficiency

cutoff light fixture

A major problem with outdoor lighting is that many people simply use too much lighting in the wrong ways. This not only wastes energy consumption but causes light pollution (black sky, dark sky, light trespass), glare, and annoyances. An effective way to increase energy efficiency while reducing light pollution is to use a full cutoff light fixture. This is achieved with the cutoff lighting fixture directing light only where it is needed - down at the user and out in the pathway of the user instead of up towards the sky and away in unneeded directions. A cutoff light fixture is one encased in a sort of shield, case, or cover that is used to "cut off" unnecessary light. These covers can come in many different styles, materials, and colors to match your outdoor design needs.

Another way to be more time and energy efficient is to use the outdoor lighting only when it is needed. This can be done through a timer or motion outdoor lighting. The timer allows you to define a set time that the light is to be active and the motion sensor allows the light to turn on only when it detects movement.

Outdoor Home Lighting for Safety

A nice example of outdoor home lighting done tastefully
outdoor home lighting

  An effective outdoor lighting fixture needs to be able to add security and safety measures, especially at night. Proper placement of the lighting fixture using the right light intensity can ensure that you see who your visitors are and that your visitors see where they are going.

For example, when lighting a porch, place the lighting fixture and direct light in a way that you can see your visitor anywhere on the porch. In addition, your visitor should be able to see where to raise or lower on a step so that they do not trip and fall.

Outdoor home lighting for style

A wide range of outdoor lighting styles from different materials, sizes, and colors are available to compliment your home's outdoors. The outdoor home lighting styles we offer range from contemporary outdoor lighting, traditional outdoor wall sconces, nautical outdoor lighting, craftsman outdoor lighting, hanging outdoor lighting as well as rustic, tropical, outdoor posts, security flood lights, and gas style outdoor lighting.

These outdoor home lighting fixtures are made of weathered iron, brushed nickel, satin aluminum, solid brass, antique brass, and even hand painted finished pieces including white patina, textured rust, and stucco to name a few.

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