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The Stars, Planets and Other Lights in the Sky


The stars and planets have held a special place in our hearts and in our minds. We have looked at the bright objects in the night sky and have dreamed what it would be like to see them closer. In addition, we have used the motion of the planets, stars and the sun to determine our position and direction we are heading. All of these activities of the sky are part of the study of astronomy.

Astronomy has been a popular area of interest for people of all ages for centuries. With the inventions of various telescopes, the night sky has been brought closer to the average person. Grandparents, parents and children have been fascinated by what is in the sky for generations.

In addition, during the later stages of the 20th Century, the United States and the Soviet Union were among the leaders in space exploration. The race into space between two of the most powerful countries on Earth grabbed the attention of people throughout the world. From the work of the two countries, we have been able to launch rockets into space, have manned space flights around the Earth, visited the Moon and have established operational manned space station. Through the efforts of these space pioneers, space is as accessible as never before.

Solar System

  • Solar System Informative and educational page from NASA with interactive features providing information on the solar system.

  • Solar System Overview Information and facts on the planets that comprise the solar system.

Space Exploration

  • Beyond Earth Excellent web page which looks that the role that space exploration had in history.

  • Exploring Space Page which provides a look at the past and future of outer space exploration.

  • Timeline of Events Informative page which chronicles events of space exploration dating back to 1957.

Space Travel

  • History of Space - Kid friendly page with information on space travel and history.

  • History of Space Travel - Helpful page giving an overview of the history of space travel and exploration.

  • Space Race Web page with information on the space race between the Soviet Union and the United States.

  • Space Race Timeline PBS web page with a useful timeline of events in the space race.

Astronomy for Kids

  • Astronomy for Kids Helpful page with information that can help teach kids learn about astronomy.

  • Astronomy Basics - Page with basics on how to get started with astronomy for kids and adults.

  • Kids Astronomy Older web page with information on many different aspects of astronomy written for kids.

  • NASA Kids Club Informative and educational page from NASA which is written to help teach and entertain kids about space.

We hope this information has been helpful in learning more about astronomy and how you too can find out more about space. Feel free to visit this page as often as you wish and share it with others who may wish to learn more about space and the stars.

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