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The Health Effects of Light


There are several basic needs that all living things need to survive. Items such as food, water and air are all important to the health and well-being of living things. However, another important component to healthy living is the need for light. Whether natural light from the sun or indoor lighting from a lamp, light is important for the well-being of all living things.

For people, they would be able to survive with solely indoor lighting, however, the psychological effects of the Sun is quite important. Researchers have concluded that people feel better when the Sun is shining than when it is cloudy or rainy. Indoors, lighting can have a similar effect on the feelings that people have. A well-lit room can be much more appealing than a dimly lit room, which can affect the attitudes of people.

While the Sun can have many positive effects, it is not without its potential dangers. Prolonged exposure to the Sun without protection can result in skin problems ranging from sunburns to sun poisoning to running the risk of developing Skin Cancer. Therefore, it is important to minimize your exposure to the Sun, to reduce the risk of skin related dangers.

We have asked our lighting professionals to assemble some resources on indoor and outdoor lighting sources, in order for you to be more informed about this important topic:

Sun Health Risks

  • Overexposure to the Sun – EPA information on the health effects to people of being overexposed to the Sun.
  • Health Risks from the Sun – Useful tips and information on the risks of being in the Sun and preventative measures that should be taken.
  • Summer Health Hazards – Helpful story from ABC News about six common summertime health concerns and how to be properly protected.
  • Babies and the Sun – Article giving parents information on the problems associated with babies being exposed to the Sun for lengthy periods.

Sun Protection

  • Sun Protection – Simple steps and recommendations that people can do to be protected from Sun overexposure.
  • Skin Cancer Prevention – Informative page from the CDC giving useful preventative measures that people can take to be protected from potential Skin Cancer.
  • Sun Protection and Sunscreens – Useful article giving information on protecting your skin from the harmful rays from the Sun.
  • Sun Wise for Kids – Information for parents and kids on how to be safe while still having fun in the Sun.
  • Summer Sun Protection for Kids – Helpful information for kids on how to be protected from the Sun while outdoors in the summertime.

Lack of Sun Effects

Proper Indoor Lighting

  • Effects of Light on the Body – Useful article providing information on how indoor and outdoor light affects the human body.
  • Healthy Lighting – Page providing information on how healthy lighting can affect the human body.

Indoor Lighting Dangers

  • Indoor UV – Informative page providing information on various regular devices around the home and office, and potential radiation concerns.
  • Dermatological Risks – Information on the types of risks involved with indoor lighting.
  • Lighting and People – Helpful information on the effects of lighting on people and on spaces.
  • Lighting and Reading – Page providing information on the dangers of the eye on reading in dim light.

General Healthy Lighting Resources

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