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Outdoor Sun Safety Guide


After the doldrums of winter, the summer sunshine is simply beckoning for us to go out and enjoy the warmth. Staying out too long or unprotected does have its risks though. Skin cancer, sunburn, and eye damage are some of the most common conditions that people develop by not protecting themselves appropriately. In general, always use sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher. Wear proper clothing to help increase the protection that your skin receives. Sunglasses and a large hat also help to minimize sun damage. Read on to find out more on how the sun can hurt us and how to have fun outdoors safely.

Sun Dangers

  • Excessive Sun Exposure – Learn about some basic dangers caused by prolonged sun exposure, including the ABCs of moles.
  • UV Radiation – UV rays can harm your skin even on cloudy days or in outdoor shaded areas.
  • Eye Damage – Even your eyes can be damaged from too much sun exposure if you are outdoors for long periods of time without sunglasses.
  • Effects of Sun Exposure – Constantly exposing unprotected skin to the sun’s rays can also cause it to age faster, and break out into allergic reactions in some cases.
  • Types of Sun Dangers (PDF) – In this presentation, viewers discover the various types of damage that the sun can inflict, including wrinkles, sunspots, and cataracts.
  • Sunlight, Radiation, and UV – See how different aspects of the sun can damage our skin in several ways.

Skin Cancer

  • What is Skin Cancer? – This simple guide answers some of the most basic questions about skin cancer, how it forms, and how to prevent it.
  • Sun Tanning (PPT) – This slideshow teaches how skin cancer forms as a direct result of unsafe tanning practices.
  • Flip-flops and Baseball Caps – Open sandals and baseball caps present a form of danger by leaving areas of vulnerable skin completely unprotected.
  • Skin Cancer Statistics – Read about different aspects of skin cancer, which types of people are more vulnerable to it, and how much treatment costs vary.
  • Symptoms of Skin Cancer – Each of the three main forms of skin cancer produces different symptoms, from pale lumps to dark moles.
  • Skin Cancer Risk Factors – Pale skin, numerous moles, and skin cancer in your family history are a few of the factors that increase the risk of developing this condition.


  • An Introduction to Sunburn – When the skin is left unexposed to the sun for too long, it can develop into a sunburn, which includes redness, blistering, inflammation, or peeling.
  • Sunburn Causes and Care – If you do get a sunburn, you can treat it at home with cold rags, moisturizers, and painkillers.
  • Sunburns and Milk – Apply chilled milk to sunburned skin can help it to cool down and heal.
  • Sunburn Fact Sheet (PDF) – Print this factsheet and keep it handy as a quick reference about sunburns.
  • Sunburn Treatments (PDF) – Review some of the oral medications, topical treatments, and home remedies used in treating sunburns.
  • Preventing Sunburn – Knowing about sunburns and taking active steps to prevent is the best way to stay safe while enjoying the sunshine.

Sun and Kids Safety

  • Sunscreen and Bug Spray – Pay special attention to how you apply sunscreen and inspect repellent, since combining the two can be very dangerous especially on kids!
  • Kids and the Sun – Are kids also susceptible to skin cancer or sunburn?
  • Sun Protection for Kids – The best sun protection for kids is much the same as the options for adults: shade, protective clothing, hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen.
  • Sunburn in Infants (PDF) – This factsheet helps parents to diagnose sunburn in babies, with advice on how to treat and prevent it.
  • Protective Clothing (PDF) – Dressing your children in the right types of clothing can provide an additional protective factor for their delicate skin.
  • Sun Safety for Kids and Babies – Be careful in how you protect your kids from the sun, since infants have different requirements compared to older children.

General Sun Safety Resources

  • Sunscreen Pointers (PDF) – Find out how to purchase and use sunscreen the right way!
  • Sun Safety Tips – Practice this special sun protection program to stay safe even while you spend time outdoors.
  • Protective Measures (PDF) – Protective clothing and sunscreen are two ways to safeguard your skin from sun dangers.
  • Sun Terms – Review a brief glossary of sun-related terms to understand more when you hear them mentioned in the news or on the weather reports.
  • Sunscreen Standards – See how the government regulates sunscreen ingredients and warnings, and how to find the right sunscreen for you.
  • Sunglasses (PDF) – This brochure explains in detail why sunglasses should be worn, and what features to look for when shopping for a new pair.
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