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Matteo Wall and Vanity Lights

Wall Sconces and Vanity Lights from Matteo Lighting

Showing 1-60 of 509 items
Showing 1-60 of 509 items

Good lighting is essential to making your bathroom an inviting and comfortable space. Whether you're trying to relax for a long bath or need to use the mirror to get ready in the morning, the right lighting can make a big difference. While overhead lights are great for general lighting, you'll need vanity or wall sconces to create task and accent lighting. At Affordable Lamps, we carry Matteo bathroom vanity lighting and wall lights at great prices.

A long, rectangular Mateo vanity light fixture can be placed over your bathroom mirror to create the best lighting for grooming tasks. This light will prevent odd shadows from being cast across your face and will provide extra illumination without lighting up the whole bathroom. We carry Matteo modern vanity lighting options with downlights, sleek metallic finishes, clean matte finishes and a variety of lengths.

Matteo wall sconces can serve a variety of purposes, including creating task lighting for the mirror or accent lighting for art and furniture. Modern square two-light fixtures with cube frames and round matte bulbs can be placed next to paintings or wall decorations in any room to highlight them. Single-light fixtures with cylinder shapes and chrome finishes can be installed above nightstands or on either side of a mirror. Shop our full selection of Matteo vanity lights and wall sconces to add task and accent lighting to your bathroom, bedroom and more.

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