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Matteo Lighting

Matteo Lighting Modern Indoor Lighting at Low Prices

Matteo Lighting crafts beautiful and modern light fixtures for every room in your home. These lights come in stunning styles featuring sharp angles, clear glass, neutral colors and metallic finishes for timeless pieces that will look amazing with your contemporary interior design. When you shop Matteo Lighting at Affordable Lamps, you know you're getting the best deal with a low price guarantee, no sales tax and free shipping and returns.

Matteo Ceiling Lights and Chandeliers

We carry a great selection of flush mount ceilings light from Matteo Lighting. If you want to light a hallway, closet or bedroom, modern fixtures in geometric shapes are a great way to go. We offer the traditional round and square shapes as well as more unique options like hexagons.

Matteo Lighting pendant and vanity lights are hanging fixtures perfect for modern living rooms, kitchens and other spaces with higher ceilings. We offer a range of style options ranging from boxy rectangular island lighting to sleek and slim single-light rod pendants to decorative colored glass pendants with non-uniform shapes. You'll be able to find the right fit for your décor.

Matteo chandeliers put a modern twist on the traditional, ornate lighting fixture. You'll find options with multiple round bulbs that form a globe shape, classic designs with faux candles and sleek contemporary angles, subtle styles with thin rods and matte glass covers and eye-catching tiered pieces. These chandeliers will look great in foyers and dining rooms.

Matteo Wall and Vanity Lighting

Wall and vanity lights are great for illuminating bathrooms and providing secondary lighting in bedrooms and dens. Rectangular and long horizontal rod lights should be placed above bathroom mirrors to create task lighting or above pieces of art as accent lighting. Wall sconces like those with modern black finishes and matte white shades will work well along corridors or next to shelves. For your bedroom, we carry Matteo wall lights with swing arms perfect for installing above a nightstand.

Shop our full selection of Matteo Lighting products to find the right styles, shapes and finishes to complement your home.

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