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A Guide for Energy Efficient Lighting


As energy and electricity bills continue to rise, households are looking for even more ways in which they can reduce these costs. While it isn't always easy to make drastic lifestyle changes, one easy place to start is with lighting. On average, the energy consumed by lighting in most average American households constitutes around eleven percent of their bill. Part of this is due to high consumption rates, while another reason is outdated technology. By using compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) and other types of energy efficient technology, we can save as much as seventy-five percent of the energy that goes towards lighting!

Naturally, lower costs is an excellent reason to conserve energy since it impacts us directly. On a larger scale however, there is another even more important reason: the environment. When we use energy, the electricity companies need to burn more and more fossil fuels to provide us with that energy. Apart from depleting natural resources, it also heavily pollutes the atmosphere. Think about the effect on both of these counts if every household across the nation made a concentrated effort to reduce their energy consumption. It would add up to an incredibly significant amount! Browse through the resources below to learn more about different lighting technologies and methods that can help save costs and energy.

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