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Vaxcel Monorail Lighting for Homes

Finishes Include Satin Nickel, Dark Bronze and White

The beauty of a Vaxcel monorail lighting system is that you can select a shape that is best suited for your particular application. Whether it's to have spotlights focused in different directions from a central location or having artistic illumination that becomes part of a home gallery, these halogen track lights provide the perfect solution. Among various kinds of home track lighting, a monorail system is innovative and unique.

The different styles of Vaxcel monorail track lights include S-shaped designs, delicate curves, perpendicular angles and spirals. The perpendicular shape can be used to illuminate works of art on different walls from a central location. The S-shapes can be suspended from a ceiling for a dramatic focal point, in addition to providing ambient room light. The spiral design works well as a space saver for smaller rooms, effectively illuminating in different directions.

For a lighter contemporary feel, choose the satin nickel finish. For a more industrial appearance, select the dark bronze.

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