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Trans Globe Lighting

Trans Globe Lighting is modern, novelty, and new.

Trans Globe Lighting
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Trans Globe Lighting started as a small family business out of North Hollywood, CA in 1986. With an emphasis on quality, Trans Globe vowed to be one of the best lighting fixture retailers in the world. Today, Trans Globe features over 130 light crystal chandeliers, Trans Globe pendants, wall and vanity lights, and of course their unique Trans Globe ceiling light fixtures. The emphasis on Trans Globe products is modern, novelty, and new. Always ostentatious, bold, challenging and experimental, Trans Globe modern contemporary Lighting fixtures with some sure traditional style lighting are at the cutting edge of both home lighting décor and contemporary fashion. Trans Globe fixtures come from every part of the world, and from every new hip, lighting designers out there who are on the forefront of lighting in home environments. Deciding to buy globe light fixtures, or other Trans Globe lighting products means that you will always be amazed at getting quality affordable lighting. Before deciding to purchase any affordable Trans Globe products, customers should browse carefully through the options listed below. With such a wide variety of quality Trans Globe products available for purchase, including the best globe light fixtures around, individuals will be guaranteed to find something that meets their needs. Finally, low sale prices mean that globe light fixtures can be purchased by all shoppers, regardless of budget limitations.