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Kichler Outdoor Lighting Transformers

When you are looking for quality illumination to showcase your yard and the exterior of your home, you will definitely want to consider Kichler outdoor lighting as well as other quality brands. With a large number of different ceiling, wall, and ground-mounted lights, there is almost no end to the number of different configurations that you can achieve with Kichler products and the lights offered by similar companies.

However, when you are installing or refurbishing a Kichler system of illumination, you must keep the lighting infrastructure in mind as well. That means adding the right landscape lighting transformers to your system to ensure that everything is working smoothly and that the electrical current is flowing properly. When you purchase your lights from Affordable Lamps, don't forget to buy the right transformer needed to complete your system. Order from us, and you can get this necessary component at a price you can easily afford.

All Kichler landscape lighting transformers feature one common breaker per circuit, with a limit of 300 watts. As you can see in our outdoor lighting transformer inventory, there are a variety of different transformers available depending on the overall load of your outdoor lighting, so make sure that you get the proper transformer for your system. See your manufacturer's guide for more details or contact us with questions.

The low voltage transformers feature secondary circuit breakers, plus an in-line primary thermostat, to prevent overload. This makes these affordable landscape lighting transformers easy on your existing home electrical system and prevents circuits from being blown at the most inopportune times. Your cost is cheap, but the quality of these products is not, so you are not giving up anything when you save money with our low prices.

All of the core and coil types feature epoxy encapsulation for protection, quiet, and cool running for hours. Also, the full enclosure of the transformer housing protects components from weather, sprinkler systems, and debris. All Kichler transformers are 100% compatible with other 12-volt landscape lighting systems and brands, so you will likely find what you need here even if you don't have Kichler lighting at home. Order at least $100, and your outdoor lighting transformer and other products will be shipped fast and for free to your home.

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