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Hi-Lite Chandelier Light Fixtures

Traditional, Contemporary and Unique Chandeliers

A chandelier adds a dramatic statement to any room, and it commands attention. Chandeliers are elegant, sophisticated and stately. Most people are familiar with traditional styles of chandeliers, but Hi-Lite completely transforms the idea of what a chandelier should look like. As you browse this large selection of high-quality, impeccably designed chandeliers, you'll find a vintage Hi-Lite chandelier alongside contemporary chandelier light fixtures. You'll also see more formal chandeliers, such as their Victorian style and traditional models.

Hi-Lite has a line of mini chandelier lights that are perfect for smaller spaces, such as for focused light over a smaller kitchen or dining room table. They are also ideal in a small entranceway or foyer. There are classic styles, harbor nautical chandeliers and rustic mini ceiling chandeliers. Exquisite Victorian chandeliers with colored glass shades and other more ornate, decorative styles are also available in the mini chandelier size. There are distinctive Craftsman chandeliers for warm ambient light in Craftsman homes. Depending on which style you choose, there are various finishes available that will alter the appearance of the fixture. These finishes include rosewood, polished brass, the rustic Sierra wash and Navajo white, reined satin steel and high-gloss chrome. The mini chandeliers are 2 feet or less in width or height.

Their full-size chandeliers offer just as many options. There are barn light and wagon wheel chandeliers for country homes and Craftsman style chandeliers. Some models resemble antique lanterns, while others incorporate elaborate carvings or beaded lampshades. You can even find chandeliers that double as pot racks for unique kitchen lighting.
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