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Hi-Lite Ceiling Lighting

Rosewood, Brass, Chrome, Patina or Satin Steel Finishes

If there's one phrase to describe Hi-Lite's ceiling light collection, it would be refined elegance. These distinguished, classic ceiling lights are striking in their clean lines and premium finishes. Depending on the model, you can choose from high polish brass and chrome, patina, rosewood, satin steel, burnt brass, Navajo white and Sierra wash. With certain ceiling light styles, you can also choose the type of glass.

You'll find plenty of ceiling lamps that are understated in our selection, for rooms where you don't want to take attention away from the other décor and you just want a light fixture that's stylish-yet-stately. These decorative ceiling lights feature graceful curves, floral accents and curved glass, making them ideal as centerpiece fixtures in dining rooms or more dramatic entranceways. They also offer a Craftsman model with sharp, clean lines, for soft glowing ambient light in a Craftsman style home.

The type of finish will greatly change the personality of the light fixture. Select high polish brass and chrome for a clean, contemporary appearance. A burnt brass or a patina finish will give you a rustic look. Warm rosewood works nicely on a porch or family room. Other finishes include refined satin steel and the earthier tones of Navajo white and Sierra wash.
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