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Framburg Bathroom Lighting

Framburg Bathroom Wall Sconces and Vanity Lighting

Framburg 5622 Ella 2-Light Bathroom Light
Framburg 5628 Hannah Modern 24" Bath Sconce
Framburg 2922 Naomi Modern Bathroom Sconce

Layered lighting is important when it comes to bathrooms. Overhead fixtures are perfect for providing general lighting, but you'll want accent and task lighting around pieces of décor and any mirrors. At Affordable Lamps, we offer a great selection of Framburg bathroom vanity lighting and wall sconces to help you create the best lighting scheme.

Framburg bath sconces are great fixtures for placing next to mirrors or around pieces of art in the bathroom. If you want something modern, we have two-light wall sconces with large clear glass globes and sleek metallic finishes. For a traditional design, we carry options with brushed nickel finishes, textured glass shades and crystal accents. For a rustic bathroom, we even have styles with hints of wood and dark metals.

Framburg Modern bathroom lighting vanity lights are fixtures that should be placed above the mirror. These lights create perfect task lighting for grooming and morning routines. We have options with small globe covers on downcast rods and designs that look like cylinder-encased candles on a shelf. No matter your décor, you'll find the right Framburg bathroom lighting at Affordable Lamps.

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