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Energy Efficient Lighting: LED lighting and fluorescent lights

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Most consumers of retail lighting do not need to be convinced to make lighting choices for their home with energy saving as a top priority. But you may be wondering, if I pay the higher initial cost for energy efficient lighting fixtures, how long do I have to wait before I see a lower electricity bill? When will I notice a positive environmental impact by using fluorescent ceiling lights over incandescent bulbs? The answer? I’ll be candid. You will see the first impact on your electricity bill in three years. You will notice that you are helping the environment after three to seven years of using exterior LED lighting. This is according to reports by the Department of Energy (DOE) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Although Energy Saver programs are abundant and government agencies such as the Department of Energy (DOE) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are working together with distributors, commercial contractors and residential lighting retailers, green consumerism is really up to you.

Until you select fluorescent lamps and LED sconces, nothing happens.

Two major environmental impact documents by the DOE and EPA state that the main challenge is persuading residential consumers to buy energy efficient lighting fixtures.

Yes, I’m doing a call to action. I invite the reader to move from, “I agree” to “I’m running to the energy efficient lamp store right now.” Why wouldn't you run to buy a LED lamp that lasts 25,000 hours and runs at 25 degrees cooler than an incandescent bulb?

If this is hard to picture, try this. Imagine a home that is built in compliance with Title 24 California building code for energy saving. Envision that the government is ready to give customers rebates on purchases of energy efficient lighting fixtures. Pretend that the consumer has already read information on the green benefits and cost savings of using Compact Fluorescent (CFL) bulbs over incandescent bulbs.

But where is the lamp? Nothing works until the shopper buys the energy efficient fixture, places the fluorescent bulb or LED in the fitting, and turns it on.

Thankfully, you do have three incentives.

1. Environmental Conservation
2. Beauty of Contemporary Home Decor Residential Lighting
3. Government Rebates

Energy efficient lighting technology has improved since its earlier T-5 models. You are not stuck with faulty CFL bulbs or iffy LED lamps anymore. In contrast, we have several manufacturers who are devoted to creating beautiful, affordable energy efficient lighting fixtures that give reliable brightness. Fluorescent wall lights are contemporary and come in a variety of finishes.

A 13 watt CFL bulb gives the brightness of a 60 watt incandescent bulb. So why not trade? Consider LED under cabinet lighting.

In addition, manufacturers such as Access Lighting provide attractive glass pendant contemporary lighting. Energy efficient lighting from Forecast Lighting and American Fluorescent feature options for indoor home decor and contemporary outdoor lighting. Bruck Lighting offers geometrical patterned LED wall lights such as the wire mesh Sierra wall sconce. Take, for example, the versatile transitional Odeon ES 9-Lamp Chandelier by NUVO Lighting. It comes in a handsome aged bronze finish and it is Energy Star compliant.

Liton LED Recessed Lighting also offers LED vanity lights and LED accessories. You don’t have to announce to the world that you have a crush on green like Miss Piggy loves Kermit. The LED pendants are so attractively designed that its energy efficient lighting fixture persona is hidden.

You’ll receive all the brightness of incandescent lighting without the overheating or overspending. LED ceiling lights are so seductive in appearance that you’ll forget that they are good for you, your pocketbook and the environment!

In closing,with government rebates giving you a pat on the back for choosing Dark Sky compliant and Energy saver what are you waiting for? LED task lights and outdoor fluorescent wall lights that reduce light pollution are just what you need in time for hosting a backyard vegetarian BBQ! Your guests won’t be saying, “ what a lovely energy saving dark sky compliant light”. Instead, they’ll relish the ambiance the light fixture emits.