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Invention and History of the Electric Lamp

There have been many important inventions during the last hundred years. During this time we have seen the invention of the television, automobile, telephone and the computer. All of these inventions have made big contributions to the lives of people. However, one of the most enlightening inventions is that of electricity in general, but the electric lamp in particular.

Prior to the invention of the electric lamp, people had to rely on lanterns which were powered by fuel. The lanterns provided some light for people but the use of kerosene was messy, sometimes it didn't smell very well and was also dangerous because of the threat of fire because of misuse. By creating an electric light bulb and electric lamp, people now had the ability to light up a dark room so that they could see properly, while maintaining a safe home or business.

The electric lamp was the invention of one of the greatest American inventors – Thomas Edison. Through the efforts of Edison and his co-workers at Menlo Park in New Jersey. Edison after several attempts created the first incandescent lamp which was patented in 1880. Over the next few years others took the idea for the electric lamp and did changes with materials and methods of illuminating the lamp. Men like Sir Joseph Wilson Swan and Alexander Nikolayevich Lodygin were responsible for further changes to the lamp.

The electric lamp has been an important part of our lives. Here are some additional information to learn more about the developments in the electric lamp.

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Thomas Edison

Sir Joseph Wilson Swan

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Alexander Nikolayevich Lodygin

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