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Maxim Lighting

Manufacturing quality lighting since 1970

Maxim Lighting is transitioning the future in past-perfect style. What makes them unique is that although they are a large company with a huge product line, they still treat all of their lighting fixtures like they are hand made, artisan creations. And many of them are. Maxim features an extensive vanity collection, as well as mini pendants, flush mount lighting, chandeliers and under cabinet lighting. The Vigneto series features hand-blown Tigress artisan glass with just a hint of Tuscany. The Bali collection is the perfect fusion of Tropical and Mediterranean design. The Pine Grove and Décor collections utilize an organic, floral feeling that adds an aura of mystery and imagination. Since 1970, Maxim Lighting has expanded to include lighting for your entire home, while never forgetting that the little details make decorating so special and personal to you.

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