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Accord Lighting

Wooden Decorative Lamps

Accord Lighting

Accord Lighting is a fine furniture factory that also specializes in lighting fixtures in Brazil and other international markets, including the United States. This company was formed by three brothers who came together to fulfill the dream of the family-inherited profession.

Accord Lighting started by making products for serial production before they developed their first wooden luminaire, the Zen luminaire. In 2006, the company participated in Expolux, the largest Latin America lighting fair, and received the Abilux design award.

Accord has also participated in International Fair and Light Fair and is certified with the American UL in the department of Decorative Lighting.

Accord Lighting’s Best Qualities

The company’s decorative lamps feature a contemporary, classic, and sophisticated design. Their production process combines manual work with the state of the art equipment to create superior wooden decorative lamps that any lighting needs.

Accord Lighting has a dedicated team that works effortlessly to create high-quality pieces. They have extensive experience aligning unique craft techniques with high-tech technology, such as CNC cutting routers, hydraulic presses, and painting robots.

Accord Lighting uses the most superior materials in the market, making their end products durable and of good quality. These materials include natural wood blades, Egyptian crystals, virgin acrylic, and Italian paints.

This brand designs a wide range of lighting products, including pendant Accord cubic, wall Accord cubic, Table Accord cubic, floor Accord cubic, ceiling Accord balance, pendant Accord dot, and more.

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