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Quorum Wall and Vanity Lights

Wall Lighting and Vanity Lights for Bathrooms

Showing 1-60 of 767 items
Showing 1-60 of 767 items

Lighting in some rooms is the finishing touch, but when it comes to bathrooms, good lighting needs to be one of the first things you focus on. Bathrooms are where you get ready for the day, groom yourself and unwind in the tub after a long day, all of which require the right lighting. To help you put together the perfect bathroom lighting, we carry Quorum vanity lights and wall sconces at guaranteed low prices.

Overhead lights can ensure your entire bathroom is lit, but they can cause shadows to be thrown across your face in the mirror. You need proper lighting around mirrors, and that's why we carry Quorum International bathroom lighting fixtures designed to create task lighting for vanities. If you have a large mirror in your bathroom, a quorum four-light vanity light will give you the best lighting for tasks like applying makeup or shaving your face. We carry modern styles with open bulbs attached to sleek metal rods and vintage-inspired designs with fixtures reminiscent of hanging lanterns.

For smaller mirrors, two-light Quorum vanity lights can be placed above it. In areas outside the bathroom, wall sconces can be placed on either side of similar mirrors. With everything ranging from crystal accents and candelabra lights to geometric diamond shapes and white globe covers, you'll find the right Quorum wall lighting to complement your home.

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