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Mitzi Picture Lights

Mitzi Accent Lighting for Photos and Wall Art

Picture lights are wall-mounted fixtures designed to illuminate photos and paintings. While commonly seen in museums and galleries, you can install these fixtures in your very own home. If you have valuable wall art or a favorite family photo, a picture light will make sure attention is drawn to it every time someone enters the room. We carry sleek and modern Mitzi By Hudson picture lighting in a variety of finishes and sizes to match your décor.

When installing art lighting, you need to consider the size of your picture. If the light is too short, the picture won't get enough light, but if the fixture is too long it can overshadow what you're trying to highlight. Our Mitzi by Hudson picture lights come in lengths ranging from 8" to 24" so you can find the perfect fit. These fixtures come in either white or navy colors with nickel or aged brass finishes. White and nickel will go great in airy, open rooms while a combination of navy and brass will look good in rooms with darker décor.

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