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Hubbardton Forge Vanity and Wall Sconces

Hubbardton Forge Wall and Vanity Lights

Hubbardton Forge
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Hubbardton Forge 217656 Gallery LED Wall Lamp
Hubbardton Forge 403016 Fusion LED Light Sconce
Hubbardton Forge 201070 Triomphe Wall Lamp
Hubbardton Forge 217652 Gallery LED Wall Sconce
Hubbardton Forge 207431 Helix Lamp Sconce
Hubbardton Forge 217186 Forged Lamp Sconce
Hubbardton Forge 201344 Bow Bath Lighting
Hubbardton Forge 201346 Bow Bathroom Lighting
Hubbardton Forge 201310 Arc Lighting Sconce
Hubbardton Forge 201311 Arc Wall Lamp
Hubbardton Forge 201330 Eos Light Sconce
Showing 1-60 of 191 items

Petite, replete, and ever so discrete, Hubbardton Forge Vanity and Wall Sconces are exquisite reminders of style and sensibility. With glass ovals, obelisks, cones and bowls, graceful stems and glowing candles, these vanity lights and wall sconces are steeped in tradition yet will also compliment modern motifs. All fixtures are made to order, and made to last. Single, double, triple or larger, Hubbardton Forge vanity and wall sconces feature wrought iron construction, choice of finishes, and exceptional quality glass.

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