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Elegant Lighting Mirrors for Homes

Antique traditional and contemporary lighted mirrors

Showing 1-60 of 484 items
Showing 1-60 of 484 items
Mirrors can serve many purposes, both practical and aesthetic. They're a common fixture in a foyer or entranceway for checking one's appearance, and can be used in any room to create the illusion of additional space. These Elegant Lighting mirrors go one step further, in that they're highly artistic, significantly contributing to the room's overall décor. You'll find a wide selection of traditional and contemporary decorative mirrors, from minimalist with clean lines to extremely ornate.

Lighted mirrors are not just practical. They also provide visual interest and enhance the room's appearance. Their elegant Venetian traditional mirrors are available in various shapes and orientations, with different finishes such as black, gray and silver. The mirrored medallion line is bold and modern, while the Murano traditional style is stately and chic. Elegant Lighting contemporary art mirrors come in many varieties, including sunbursts, assembled circles and squares, geometric designs and mirrors inside of elaborate frames.

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