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ELK Home Mirrors

ELK Home Decorative and Illuminated Mirrors

Mirrors are simple but important decorations that can be added to every space in your home. A mirror placed next to your front door will let you give yourself one last look over on your way out and a mirror in your bedroom makes it easy to check your appearance as you dress each morning. You can even place them opposite of windows to reflect sunlight during the day and brighten a room. At Affordable Lamps, you'll find a great selection of decorative and functional ELK Home wall mirrors for your home.

One room where you must install a mirror is the bathroom. We carry ELK Home vanity mirrors in a range of styles and sizes to fit your needs and tastes. For something sleek and modern, check out ELK Home bathroom mirrors with thin black lines and circle and square shapes. If you want something more eye-catching, we have mirrors with gray agate finishes, rattan borders, thin gold lines and cork edges. In your living room or bedroom, ELK Home round mirrors featuring whitewashed wood, German silver, layered natural wood, white branches or gold leaf sunbeams will bring a final touch of style. We also offer ELK Home mirrors with LED lights, which are two-in-one decorations that give you the best lighting for checking your appearance right on the mirror itself. Browse the entire selection today.
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