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Craftmade Outdoor Wall Lighting

Modern and Traditional Exterior Wall Lights

Showing 1-60 of 295 items
Showing 1-60 of 295 items

Outdoor wall lights and sconces can be placed around your home to provide safety lighting, highlight interesting architectural features or create comforting lighting for gatherings. No matter what purpose you need the lights to serve, you'll find the right match at Affordable Lamps. We carry a great selection of Craftmade outdoor wall lighting and sconces at unbeatable prices.

A pair of Craftmade outdoor wall sconces can be placed next to your garage to illuminate an address plaque and help others find your home. You can also frame your front door with Craftmade outdoor wall lights to light up your porch. This will make you feel safer as you can easily see and identify any visitors, and guests will feel more secure standing in a pool of light instead of darkness.

Craftmade outdoor wall lights come in a variety of styles and finishes. Lantern-inspired wall sconces with dark finishes and seeded glass are a great choice for anyone who wants a traditional style of lighting. For something modern, we carry outdoor wall lights with tube lights, sharp angles, textured glass and stainless steel finishes. With Craftmade outdoor lighting, you will find the perfect lights to complement your outdoor décor.

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