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ED Ellen DeGeneres Wall Lights

Wall Sconces For Bathrooms, Bedrooms, Corridors and More

Wall sconces can add ambient, task or accent lighting to any room or hall in your home. A single wall sconce can create soft, direct lighting while a set of sconces can replace ceiling lights to create general lighting. We carry a great collection of ED Ellen DeGeneres wall lights to help you ensure your home is well lit. When you choose Affordable Lamps, you receive a low price guarantee on every order, so you can confidently shop knowing you're getting a great deal.

If you have a painting, decorative headboard or other piece of décor on the wall that you would like to draw attention to, ED Ellen DeGeneres one-light wall lights can produce the ideal accent lighting. Subtle designs such as thin, rod-like fixtures work best for this as they will cast light on the art piece without distracting from it. Single-light Ellen DeGeneres Lighting sconces also work well for task lighting in bedrooms and offices. Wall sconces with glass globe covers or downcast lamp shades can be installed above nightstands as space-saving replacements for table lamps. For large spaces, you'll need more lights, which is why we also carry ED Ellen DeGeneres two-light wall sconces. These are a great option for lining corridors and hallways.

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