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ED Ellen DeGeneres Pendant and Island Lights

Overhead Kitchen Lighting for Modern Homes

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Pendant and island lights are essential to creating the right atmosphere in kitchens. Too much lighting in a kitchen can make the space feel clinical while not enough makes it difficult to see. You need more light when it comes to counters and islands, but that doesn't mean you have to brighten the entire kitchen. When added as secondary lighting, pendants can create the task lighting you need. At Affordable Lamps, we carry ED Ellen DeGeneres hanging ceiling lights at amazing prices to help you layer your kitchen lighting.

For smaller spaces like a dinette or short counter, a single-light Ellen DeGeneres pendant will give you all the accent or task lighting you need. We carry options featuring dome, wide cone, narrow cone, lamp and glass globe shades so you can find the right match for your design preferences. If you have a kitchen island or long counters, you'll need more than a single light. We offer ED Ellen DeGeneres five-light pendants and multi-light island fixtures with faux candles and modern metallic finishes to illuminate larger surface areas. No matter your lighting needs and décor, you'll find the perfect ED Ellen DeGeneres pendants and island lighting at Affordable Lamps.