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ELK Medallions

ELK Home Medallions

If you have ceiling lights that aren't flush mount or semi-flush, then you might want to add a ceiling medallion to your fixture. Medallions are decorative fixtures designed to be added to hanging lights like pendants and chandeliers. They act as a transition between your light and the ceiling's surface, and they can be used to cover up ceiling boxes. At Affordable Lamps, we carry a great selection of stylish ELK medallions to help you put those finishing touches on your lighting.

When picking the right ELK ceiling medallions for pendant lights, the two most important things to consider are size and color. You want to pick a size that has a good ratio to your room's area, and we carry ELK light medallions in sizes ranging from 11" to 51". The right finish depends on your personal tastes and the color of your lights. If you want a nondescript look, then you'll want to consider medallions with white finishes that will blend in with the ceiling. If you have lights with bronze or other darker finishes, bronze ELK ceiling medallions are a great fit. Shop our full selection of ELK medallions in a range of sizes, designs and finishes to find the perfect match for your lights.
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