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Bruck Lighting Uni-Plug Pendant Lights

Vibrant Modern Pendants for the Monorail Lighting System

Bruck Silva Pendant Light
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A Bruck Lighting monorail system is not just "indoor lighting." For homeowners and interior designers who want to make a powerful artistic statement in addition to creating beautiful ambient or focused light, Bruck's monorail lighting systems are a revelation. At Affordable Lamps, we honor the creative vision by offering a selection of Bruck Lighting uni-plug pendant lights that are designed for their Flight Track and High-Line Cable light systems.

These plug-in lighting pendants are available in exciting contemporary styles that make a room's décor come alive in eye-popping color and visual interest. Choose from handmade fused glass, clean and stark metallic cylinders, glossy and textured glass shades, matte shades and various styles of unique art glass. There are bubble pendants, rainbow pendants and sparkling Swarovski crystal pendants. Many of the Bruck Lighting pendants are available as either halogen or LED lamps, and with certain models, you can choose from different premium finishes and types of glass.
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