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Philips is the parent company of such brands as Forecast Lighting, Thomas Lighting and Lightolier, but they have their own house brand of fixtures as well, and they are truly contemporary, innovative and refreshing. Philips lighting has several lines that cover the gamut of application, form and technology. The Ledino series focuses on new cutting edge Light Emitting Diode technology design for table lamps, floor lamps, pendants and ceiling lighting. With life spans of twenty plus years, these eco-friendly, cost effective and fashionable fixtures are a triple treat. The Ecomods line of are affordable, practical, cost effective ways of lighting smaller spaces without scrimping on quality and light output.Roomstylers are for those with a more pronounced sense of fashion in their fixtures, with more vibrant use of colors and cohesion.Kidsplace is just for kids, and will make their parents pleases as punch. These delightful, playful, innovative and colorful wall, ceiling and pendant fixtures are a much needed foray in the world of contemporary home lighting design.And last but not least, the Living Colors line of color changing desk fixtures that change with the environment, and your mood. From 256 to 16 million color hues at your disposal, you can now decorate your home with light in much the same way stage and concert lighting designers have been doing for some time, but at the fraction of the cost. Welcome to the wonderful world of color and light, Phillips style.