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Light Styles of the Rich and Famous - Part 2

Time for another round of beautiful settings in luxurious locales. Let’s take a look at a few of the high-end offerings from around the globe and how they’re staying lit…

The Elegant Gamer



That’s quite a vantage point for a game of billiards! The penthouse at the Trump SoHo in New York City will run you about $10,000 a night, but its lower Manhattan location is extremely central to the city’s most popular galleries, boutiques and nightclubs. Featuring stunning views and a private Turkish spa for sophisticated and personalized pampering, this 43-story (each story flaunting floor-to-ceiling windows) is exactly where a Big Apple high-roller wants to be.

While many of us do have a game room (though possibly in a basement instead a penthouse), this overhead rectangular pendant lamp is perfect for dining rooms as well. An oatmeal linen shade over a frosted glass diffuser makes it a tasteful addition to any room.

The Gilded Historian



The New York Palace Hotel is a neo-Italian Renaissance masterpiece located on Madison Avenue in the heart of Manhattan. For around $15,000 per night, you can stay in the Royal Tower Suite, which sleeps eight people comfortably. The sumptuous rooms and striking architecture have been utilized as backdrops for at least a dozen New York-based television programs. The hotel’s Villard Ballroom features 1880’s era, hand-painted panels depicting Marie Antoinette and her court. Don’t forget to stop by for your complimentary shoe shine…


Golden accents abound in the Palace Hotel and this antiqued gold leaf tabletop candelabra with dangling crystal accents is an ideal mix of flashy and classy.


The Party Palace



Located high in the Palms Resort Fantasy Tower in Las Vegas is an emblem synonymous with everything racy. That bunny. With artwork chosen by Hugh Hefner himself, an indoor waterfall, its own gaming tables, full bar and suspended pool with an amazing view of the Strip – this is pretty much what Las Vegas is for. Over-the-top and bombastic, one night will run you around $35,500 per night. This is the location of choice for bachelor(ette) parties. For a cozy weekend getaway…not so much.

Swanky soirees call for mood lighting, which is exactly what this delicate polished chrome and white glass mini-pendant provides. The more the merrier.