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Light-Styles of the Rich and Famous - Part 1

Feeling like a high-roller? Okay, so most of us aren’t planning on dropping what amounts to a year’s salary for a one night stay in a high-end luxury hotel suite any time soon. However, if you’re looking for a little inspiration, look no further than our latest series: Light-Styles of the Rich and Famous. No matter what your preferred style is, classic, rustic or contemporary, take a peek how interior designers from across the globe are keeping their creations lit and ways you can score a comparable look in your own home.

Let’s take a look at a few…

The Gilded Gang



Built in 1727, the Raj Palace Hotel in Jaipur, India is a glorious example of historical decadence and modern luxury, but if you’re in the mood for a real red-carpet ride, you can book their $40,000 per night Shahi Mahal Presidential Suite. With six bedrooms, an in-house theatre, gilded elevators, private kitchen staff and sprawling library, the four white horses (or elephant, if you prefer) awaiting your command outside make the fairy tale all the more real. Opulence is the word for their elaborate décor, featuring dozens of crystal chandeliers and gold-leaf bathroom fixtures.

If you’re a ‘gilded gal or guy’, this Crystorama hanging chandelier with hand-cut crystals and a polished gold finish is really going to tie the room together. Jeeves the Butler sold separately.

The Contemporary Crew


While it’s been said the view of Sydney Harbour and Opera House are reason enough to foot the bill for a swanky retreat at this Australian destination hotel, a night in the suite at the Park Hyatt Sydney will still set you back around $16,000 per night. Sleek, comfortable and classic, the freshly re-designed hotel features sharp neutrals and clean lines, in addition to 24-hour private butlers and cutting-edge electronics. Works of art by prominent Australians, some specially commissioned, are displayed in each of the rooms, turning this vacation lodging into a functioning gallery.


If your tastes tend to lean towards the contemporary classics, this cream-colored linen and brushed nickel pendant lamp by Meyda Tiffany will be suitably subtle in any room, in any home.

The Posh Posse


On the 8th and top floor of Hotel President Wilson in Geneva, Switzerland is the Royal Penthouse Suite, renowned even among luxurious suites as the biggest and baddest of all. 12 rooms, each with marble bathrooms, panoramic views of Lake Geneva, grand piano, massive dining room, board room, billiard room, private gym, chef, security team and basically every other conceivable amenity lead to a price tag in the neighborhood of $80,000. You name a global VIP, they’ve probably stayed here: from the Prince of Monaco to Tony Blair, Gorbachev, Bill Gates and Michael Jackson.


 For those with a flair for all of life’s lavish luxuries, this tall, slim Maxim floor lamp is Italian-designed, features a Malacca crackle finish, a Wilshire glass shade and will look regal lighting up any corner.